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@ Mariano Villalba

He was born the 2nd of April in 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Self-taugth photographer and digital artist, He started to have interest in photography when he was 16 and he began to experiment whit digital techniques in Adobe Photoshop when he was 25. Continue reading

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@ Martin Grohs

Martin Grohs his a 23-year-old Ditigtal Artist / Graphic Designer from Germany. Is interested in all kinds of arts, but he is specialized in photomanipulation. Continue reading

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@ Pawel Nolbert

He’s from Warsaw, Poland and he’s a great graphic designer. It’s like he’s opening Illustraator, slams down an artwork, draws it brilliantly with pen tool, fills it with gradients and swoosh!. Besides the usual graphic design part, he also helped with some of his artistic touch on sites like SensiSoft. Good looking flash site, a little bit vintage and it looks like the “little Paris” in its golden ages.
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